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Unemployment and Career Counseling


Unemployment and Career Counseling for Our Youth 

Like other countries in the world, Pakistan is suffering from economic crisis and low growth rate due to corona virus. According to economists, the unemployment rate is also rising. And inflation seems to be skyrocketing. According to economists, the current wave of unemployment is a sign of a dangerous trend. Many economists are providing statistics on this. According to him, out of the total manpower in the country, the number of unemployed people is increasing rapidly. Former Federal Minister for Finance Dr. Hafeez Pasha said that the country currently has a manpower of about 677 million. If 18.5 million of them become unemployed, that number would be closer to 25 percent, and the number of unemployed was unprecedented in the country’s history. 
Career anxieties, future insecurities are a common problem with our youth. I think we should all talk openly about it. We should not pressure, ridicule or taunt our young students for doing nothing after completing their degrees. It has disturbed all of them mentally and they are trying to fight the job market in Pakistan. Girls are getting married after social adjustments and degrees. I meet a lot of people who have gone through this stage. Most don’t express it and when they do, I suggest the following:
Comparing your career with others brings depression. You think you’re late for a job or a wedding, but you don’t. It’s not your time yet. Stop comparing. Why someone is earning first does not depend on your circumstances. See if you are wasting part of your hard work and calculate it 
Social pressure is a reality but learn to deal with it instead of getting frustrated. Avoid people who are discouraged in nature and try to be with people who are creative, appreciate your personality and you think they are genuinely concerned for your well-being. ۔ 
Get out of the comfort zone and keep yourself busy. This will not only bring you closer to success but also save you from the worry that you are currently experiencing a sense of career ruin. I generally recommend that you be attracted to skills. Skill development is very important because our degree curriculum unfortunately does not cover it. Experience with tools related to your tools. For this, enroll in free online courses. 
Then set goals and divide each goal into sections so that the schedule for it can be achieved. This goal can be anything, getting an internship, getting a full-time job or counseling that interests you.
Reach out to people who are relevant to your topic and can help you achieve your goals. Create a good professional social circle. Don’t bother calling people over and over again and always be gentle and respectful when approaching someone.
I think the most important part is personal well-being. Set aside time for your personal and family needs. Take a walk outside, go out, play a game. Hang out with family and friends while also focusing on the components of the work you need to do toward your goal. Be gentle and encouraging with everyone. Generously present your skills. Try to create a portfolio of your works even if you are giving work related to your topic for free. Develop a professional presentation of your learning and skills. Distinguish yourself in the communities that relate to you. Once you have done this work and personal routine, you will see that your professional social circle will grow and you will start building a portfolio. You will have less time to deal with career delays or depression and anxiety. There will always be people who are different from what you are doing It doesn’t matter what you do. They don’t care. Only care about the expectations of those who are important to them, and meeting those expectations is possible only if you remain emotionally and psychologically strong and committed to busy routines outside of your comfort zone. The comfort zone always comes after being out of the comfort zone. And one last thing to remember: age is just a number. You never delay in starting your career.
Written by : Malik Fahad Shakoor
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